Faraz Fonoun

Faraz Fonoun Company started its activity aiming to make fundamental and novel changes in information and communication technology, printing and copying, marketing and advertising, digital publication industries taking advantage of skillful experts and personnel in technical, engineering and commercial services of telecommunication and informatics affairs.

This company as one of the member of Faraz group (mining, industrial, information technology, commercial and service group) has successfully taken influential steps adopting a new economic approach.

Services & Activities

  • Designing, Development and Implementation of Various Customized Softwares and Producing of Various Customized Devices and Hardwares

  • Providing New VAS Telecommunication Services and Projects

  • Designing and Implementation of Various Fixed-Phone and Mobile-Phone Systems

  • Product and Publishing of Various Digital Content

  • Supplying Geographical Data, Satellite Images and GIS Maps

  • Designing, Consultation, and Implementation of Bills Printing Projects

  • Designing and Implementation of Various Marketing and Advertising Projects

  • Analysis and Processing of Various Database Bank

  • Providing High Volume Copier Machines with Special Warranty